i9-Tecc Construction Co.

i9-Tecc Construction Co.

Project Description

I9tecc is a visionary company that has developed and implemented a proprietary technologically advanced construction system in several countries. I9tecc also offers consulting services and technology training in the construction industry. Their system is based on the monolithic construction of walls and concrete slabs assembled on-site, which adapts to any type of project. Since these are 100% concrete constructions, these are safer, Hurricane-, shock-, and Tsunami-proof residences.

I9tecc’s production concept is that of an automaker, each stage is perfectly programmed within a schedule since beginning up to the end of the work. They have developed private software which allows them to optimize the amount of labor in each stage and cut off material wastes, with these being at most 1%. All materials they use are high quality, acknowledged by the market and homologated in the USA.

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