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WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell products and services directly from your WordPress website,  WooCommerce powers more than 30 percent of all e-commerce websites worldwide.

It offers hundreds of extensions for unlimited customization allowing us to develop a solution unique to your business needs.

Web design portfolio: i9-Tecc Construction Co.
Web design portfolio: i9-Tecc Construction Co.

Our studio can handle all aspects of WooCommerce development and custom website design.


WooCommerce powers more than 30 percent of all e-commerce websites worldwide.


Our WooCommerce web design experts can provide you with design and development solutions extending WooCommerce functionalities.

Webdesign-Miami will create your online store, developing a beautiful and professional layout that works well with your brand, converting visitors into customers.


Receive a free mockup of your new website homepage. We are confident that you will love your new website design, we will then move forward in working together. If not, there are no further obligations.

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WooCommerce WordPress websites look good on a desktop computer and mobile phones. It adapts to the size of the screen it is being seen from. The elements of the e-commerce, images, and text rearrange in a way that looks good any way you see it.

All WooCommerce websites we create have to be hosted on a secure server (SSL), so your customer’s information and payments are safely encrypted. There are many options for setting up an SSL certificate or secure server.

WooCommerce is more than just an e-commerce online store, it is a fully working business. You can manage inventory, sell subscriptions or even make promotional special sales.

The options for customizing your online store are almost limitless.

A lot of leaders fail because they don’t have the bravery to touch that nerve or strike that chord.

—Kobe Bryant


There are many e-commerce platforms, but not many provide flexibility on design and functionality as WooCommerce does.

You can create free subscription services on your website to collect your customer’s information, likes, and preferences, setting up this way, a database of clients that want to hear from you and get information about your products and services.

Using this to let them know about your current specials or even promotions throughout the year, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s day.

Web design Miami can create or transform your current website into a full-service eCommerce store using WooCommerce.

It has all the features necessary to take your company store to the next level.

Web design portfolio: Andean Pride
Web design portfolio: Andean Pride

We have the experience necessary to create an online store that will launch your business.

We are dedicated to developing your online store and handing over to you the full ability to enjoy your e-commerce.

The process that we take is the following.

First, we meet with your free of charge, go over your business needs and learn about your company’s products and services. We treat each project as a unique case.

Then, we implement a modern and up to date design. And finally, we can provide you with one-on-one training on how to manage your store and inventory.

Our team works with our clients directly to help them reach their online goals.

It doesn’t matter if you’ are starting up a brand-new company or you already are an established retailer, businesses transition into e-commerce and experience exponential growth in sales and profit.

Having an e-commerce website is vital to your survival.

Our primary focus is to create the best user experience possible!

We build easy-to-navigate and easy-to-find websites

Our experience goes far beyond website design, our WooCommerce e-commerce solutions for businesses will allow your WordPress website to sell your products online to national, and even, an international audience.

WooCommerce’s versatility and features make it the number one option for e-commerce websites.

It can be customized with an unlimited number of add-ons so you can offer your customers as many options as you want, making it easier to shop online.

Add up-sell options and cross-sell extensions to improve your sales.

You can manage inventory, and even use discount coupons and promo codes.



Web design is extremely important when defining your business’ online presence, you now require an experienced website design team, which consists of a web designer, a seasoned programmer, and an account manager that can get the teat together and on the same page.


There are many advantages of having an e-commerce website, your products are available for purchase worldwide, 24 hours a day, attracting a larger audience. There is no limit to the number of people who can access your store or to the number of products that you can carry.


With the importance of new mobile technology increasing every day, it is crucial to have a website or e-commerce that is mobile-friendly, or responsive. Every website that we design is responsive, fully compatible with all mobile devices, tablets and desktop browsers.


We are WooCommerce web design experts and can provide you with design and development solutions extending its functionalities. We will create your online store, developing a professional layout that works with your brand, converting visitors into customers.

Web Design

Your website will be created using WordPress, a secure and easy-to-update content management system. You will be able to update certain sections of your website without the need for any technical knowledge.

SEO & Online

We believe the most experienced person for your website’s optimization is you, you are the expert of what you do, sell and offer. Between our experience and know-how and your knowledge of your field, we make the perfect team to improve your business website ranking.


We can offer you different web hosting options based on your website needs and size. Space and requirements will vary depending on if you have a small informational website or if you are running a full-size e-commerce website.


Graphic design is extremely important when defining your business’ brand, it will inspire a positive attitude and emotions. The first impression your company makes will reveal the personality and quality of your brand and the services you provide.


The logo is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about a brand, it motivates customers to choose your services or products over your competitor’s. A logo provides an identity, it is what your customer and the public will remember you by.

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