Andean Pride

Andean Pride

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Andean Pride is made up by Liliana and Eliana Aguilera, who were raised in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in an agricultural family. They separately went to the United States to attend college, but the connection to the culture and traditions of their childhood remained strong in their hearts and minds. It became increasingly important to bring positive change to their home country that was rich in culture, but whose people were often in need.

Eliana returned first and went to work practicing Clinical Therapy. Liliana returned shortly after and they began discussing ideas to bring large scale change to the people around them. They saw markets full of high quality, organic foods and set out to share these amazing products with the world and simultaneously benefit the small, community-based indigenous farming groups who often needed help connecting internationally. It was through these ideas and collaborations that Andean Pride was born.

Andean Pride has been able to collaborate with the great Bolivian artist Roberto Mamani (known as Mamani Mamani) on the development of their product packaging. His distinctive style and bold colors can be prominently seen in grand murals on buildings across La Paz in Bolivia, and his original works are exhibited in cities around the globe. Born in a Quechua region of Bolivia from an Aymara family background, his interpretations of “The Spirit of The Andes” that he so beautifully expresses in his works were the ideal representation of what they wanted to share with the world. The original vision he created for Andean Pride, which illustrates the quinoa culture surrounding the Uyuni Desert supported by Pachamama or Mother Earth, brightly adorns each of their products.

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